Driver's License Reinstatement in Terre Haute, Indiana

Get advice, from a licensed attorney, regarding driver's license reinstatement for habitual traffic violators.

At the Slagle Law Office, we know you need your driver's license, among other things, to get to work, school, and to get your children where they need to be.

If your driver's license is suspended as a Habitual Traffic Violator, no matter whether your driver's license is suspended for five (5) years, ten (10) years, or life, Attorney, Michael A. Slagle may be able to help get you back on the road, and relieve all the stress and pressures of life that correspond with having a suspended driver's license.

At the Slagle Law Office, Attorney Michael A. Slagle brings to the table vast knowledge and experience in dealing with the Courts, the Prosecutor's Office, and the BMV.
Our Specialties Are:
  • Full Reinstatement of Your Driving Privileges under Certain Circumstances
  • A Hardship License for Those Who Qualify under the Indiana Code
  • Post Conviction Relief to Remove Certain Convictions from Your Driving Record
  • Driving Record Review and Consulting
Call today for a FREE Initial Consultation and let attorney Michael A. Slagle sit down and review your driving record with you, one on one, and determine what can be done to get you the peace of mind that goes along with having your driving privileges reinstated. Even if you are not a habitual traffic violator, but your driver's is suspended, feel free to call for a FREE consultation, and let me see if I can get you back on the road.
Helpful Links: (Get a copy of your driving record here)
We are proud to serve clients throughout Indiana, including those Vigo, Sullivan, Clay, Park and Vermillion Counties. Our office is located in Downtown Terre Haute, IN at 605 Ohio Street, Suite 309. Evening and weekend appointments are available so please call 812-232-1098 to schedule your appointment today!